Seller with 2 Single Family Properties to Sell:   

I listed with another broker for about 18 months and nothing happened! A friend told me about Chuck and I listed with him. In 5 months we had a contract on one of the properties, and in 9 months both properties were sold at very good prices. He gets the job done.

-------Pauline B.



Investor with 2 homes to Sell

First Time Buyer:

We contacted Chuck to find us a home. We told him our needs and the price range we wanted to stay in. He listened to out requirements and began to look for a home for us. He showed us a number of homes but never tried to show us homes that we knew we could not afford. He was patient with us as we sorted out our needs and wants within our budget. He even told us homes that we looked at that we should not consider, for reasons that we did not identify initially.  We found the right home and he helped us negotiate the price and helped us with the inspection issues as well. We recommend Chuck Keough highly.  ----Amy M. 

First Time Homebuyer

Home that Needed Updating:

I had a home to sell which use to be my residence. I had it leased to the same renter for 3 years. This Home needed extensive updating and had not been well taken care of by the renter. The home needed considerable updating; carpeting, bathrooms, laundry room, decorating, etc; that did not stop Chuck from aggressively marketing the home. He helped me in making a number of suggestions on how we could best sell the home. He got going and we soon had a contract that closed in 87 days from listing.

----------Paul R.

Home that Needed Updating

Seller who was trying to sell his home by himself:

I tried to sell my home for approximately 3 months. I had a few conversations with Chuck about listing my home with him, but thought I would sell the home myself soon. I found that selling your home is much more difficult then I originally thought.  Fickle buyers who did not know what they were looking for and along with inconsiderate Realtors who did not respect my privacy, or do an adequate job of qualifying potential buyers to know what they really wanted.  

When I listed with Chuck, he showed me what a professional Realtor’s marketing plan would do to sell my home. He also told me what had to done to improve the homes curb appeal. He then made the arrangements to have a large tree in front of my home trimmed so that the house would be more visible from the street. He then made arrangements to have many Mum flowers planted in front of the house to add to the appeal. He also made suggestions about the inside of the house that made it look much sharper.

His marketing plan included:

  1. An effective advertising campaign
  2. Marketing collateral material
  3. Web site exposure on 6 sites
  4. Realtor open houses, home staging, etc.

We started to have showings with high quality buyers that were well qualified. We received a solid contract two months later with a well qualified buyer, he then deftly negotiated the sales price to where I received top dollar for my home. I highly recommend Chuck Keough to anyone who wants a Realtor that will listen to your requirements and then take the actions needed to produce real results, and sell your home!   

---------Bob A. 


Owners Trying to Sell Home The

Seller Settling an Estate:

I would like to express my recognition and appreciation for the recent efforts of Chuck Keough of your office. As my mother’s appointed trustee after she passed I fell into the task of having to sell her two-bedroom condo last year. After having left it with another real estate agent on the market for many months, with no results, my mother’s friend recommended we use Chuck Keough.

Chuck came over and offered his assessment of the situation. He suggested tweaking the pricing in a structured plan and offered good, low cost suggestions as to how to make the unit more saleable. We were then successful in getting an offer, negotiating a good price, and closing on the property soon thereafter. What a relief!

I highly recommend Chuck Keough as a professional Realtor.

--------Keith R. 

Seller Settling Mothers' Estat